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13. februar 1998, Canberra Times

Graham McDonald
A glimpse of a hero's revival

Vlado Kreslin, Slovenian Club, February 13

... Kreslin is something of a national institution in Slovenia, a singer and songwriter who is also responsible for a reawakening of interest in older traditional ballads and songs. He performs with two groups in Slovenia, one of traditional musicians who are in their seventies and eighties and with a group of younger musicians. From talking to several people at the concert it seems his place in Slovenian culture in an amalgam of Christy Moore, John Williamson and Jacques Brel.

With all the other entertainment on the program, he was only able to perform eight or nine songs, of which everyone in the audience knew all the words. The feeling in the room was of a group of friends being entertained by one of their own, rather than a big star on stage often not so much singing solo as leading several dozen people in a chorus. Thoroughly professional, yet casual and approachable. Non-Slovenians might not understand the songs but it doesn't matter, he has that knack of the great entertainer of communicating beyond the language barrier. We can only hope he can return for a bigger tour.n


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