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Vlado Kreslin is one of the most influential Slovenian musicians, whose distinctive style combines elements of folk, pop and rock music. He started his career as the lead singer of Martin Krpan, but made an even greater name for himself as a solo artist, focusing much more on his Prekmurje roots. His great ability to combine different music genres is complemented by his exquisite selections of guest performers to join him for his concerts. - Slovenia Times

I prefer traditional music, whatever its origin. Other music is not as interesting or exiting, since it derives from derivatives. I really like Vlado Kreslin's approach. - Goran Bregović

Vlado Kreslin is the Slovenian "Bob Dylan". He is immmensely popular in Slovenia. His songs have been used as the basis for novels and films. Scott McCaughey (R.E.M.) introduced me to his music, having discovered Kreslin's music when he opened for R.E.M. this past summer in Slovenia. - Chris Eckman of The Walkabouts who have recorded their own version of Vlado's song Tista črna kitara (That Black Guitar) on their album The Train Leaves At Eight.

Kreslin is something of a national institution in Slovenia, a singer and songwriter who is also responsible for a reawakening of interest in older traditional ballads and songs. Martin Krpan split after opening for Bob Dylan in Ljubljana in 1991. It seems his place in Slovenian culture is an amalgam of Christy Moore, John Williamson and Jacques Brel. - The Camberra Times, Tuesday, February 17, 1998, Graham McDonald

When a person listens to some of Kreslin's songs, it may seem that folk, blues and rock was invented by Slovenians. This is, of course far from th thruth, but he is so good that the songs are musically universal yet still slovenian in spirit . - Aleksander Dragaš Jutarnji list, Zagreb, 4.3.2004

I thought his music was marvellous and the performance of it all a magical fusion of so many Mitteleuropean motifs, that it put me in mind of everything from the films of Emir Kusturica to the books of Bohumil Hrabal. - Richard Flanagan, Australian writer

For nearly two decades VLADO KRESLIN has been in the centre of the Slovenian popular music scene, and over the past few years has surely reached the height of his creativity and popularity.

He began as a singer in rock groups (Martin Krpan), gradually breaking through to the foreground also as the author of numerous unforgettable songs. At the same time, he was beginning to go back more and more to his own roots and draw upon the creative energy of the musical heritage of Prekmurje, the Slovene region which is his homeland. Through his appearances with Beltinška banda - a group of Prekmurje folk singers and musicians in their seventies and eighties / the oldest member, the double bass player Joužek was born in 1905/ -Kreslin enriched his repertoire with folk-songs of the region.

In the meantime Vlado Kreslin has brought together a number of younger musicians into the group Mali bogovi (Little gods), and with them plays his compositions in more mainstream rock arrangements with the touch of the flatlands of Prekmurje. Often members of Mali bogovi join Beltinška banda on stage, and in this way music continues to bridge generations, both for those on stage and those in the audience.

With his melange of so-called "world music" and his own songs, Kreslin won over several generations of Slovenes.

The music from the CD Pikapolonica (Ladybird) is inspired by the birth of his daughter and loss of the friend.

Autumn 1998 saw a truly special release. CD MUZIKA is an ethnic journey with music from seven ethnic sources: from Prekmurje, Gorenjska, and Istria in Slovenia, Međimurje in Croatia, sevdalinke in Bosnia, gypsy music from all over southeastern Europe, and even American blues ! All were performed with authentic atrists, who had been guests at Vlado's various concerts over the years.The release of the CD was followed by huge concerts in Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana end of November.The first concert was sold out so it was extended and sold out again ! The show was recorded by TV Slovenija.

In 1998 Vlado toured Australia, Argentina and Uruguay and had his first tour with Hans Theessink. (Graham McDonald / Canberra Times) In October of this year Janez Kociper, 89 year old violin player with Beltinška Banda, dies.


Vlado tours Slovenia with Allan Taylor, and Dalmatia with Sean Cannon of the Dubliners, Dario Marušič, Lidija Bajuk and Tamara Obrovac. In July he opens for R.E.M. in Koper with Mali Bogovi, and with Beltinška Banda he shares the stage with Oysterband at Folkest Festival in Treviso, Italy. Concerts in Sarajevo, Skopje, Bratislava, Geneve.

Two new books published:
Besedila pesmi -- Vlado's songs translated into English, Italian and German
Pesmarica -- songbook with 38 Vlado's most popular songs.

At the end of the year, and a few days before his 95th birthday, Jože Kociper, the doublebass player with Beltinška banda, dies.


The American band The Walkabouts, have recorded their own version of a song written by Vlado Kreslin and Miro Tomassini. The song, "That Black Guitar" (Tista črna kitara), can be heard on The Walkabouts' new album "The Train Leaves At Eight".

During the summer, Vlado performs at festivals in Nuernberg, Vienna and Solin (sharing stages with Taj Mahal, Arlo Guthrie, Donovan).

Vlado's new album, ''Ptič'' (The Bird), is coming out. This promises to be a rich mix of popular and ethnic music. It includes the legendary Irish Andy Irvine on bousouki. Rave reviews call this Vlado's most mature album.

December: Vlado appeared on the hystoric concert in Sarajevo. For the first time after the war Sarajevo hosted on the same stage, famous Serbian author Djordje Balašević, Croatian Oliver Dragojevič, Bosnian Kemal Monteno, Sarajevo rock group Indexi, world famous jazz trumpet player Duško Gojkovič and a Slovenian Vlado Kreslin. They appeared in front of 12.000 people in Zetra Hall. Live album (double CD) was released.


Vlado's special guest at the traditional concerts in Slovene National Hall (Cankarjev dom), will be theHollywood star Rade Serbedzija (Before The Rain, The Saint, Eyes Wide Shut, Mission Impossible 2, ...).


May: Vlado composed and performed music for Buechner's drama Woyzeck in Slovene National Theatre-Drama SNG Ljubljana.

July: Chris Eckman and Vlado undertook a short Adriatic tour.

August: On a beautiful Adriatic island, Brioni, music was prepared for an album of Rade Šerbedžija. Vlado was there as an author and performer.

September: A double Greatest Hits album Kreslinčice was released. It earned Gold record status before it even reached the stores.


October: The album Generacija is released.


January: Vlado joined R.E.M. on stage during their concert in Ljubljana (R.E.M.official home page).

2 CD/DVD- Koncert is released.


October: Vlado releases a book of poetry - VENCI - Povest o Beltinški bandi.


Avgust: CD Cesta comes out.


June: Vlado and his band Mali bogovi opened for Bob Dylan in Varaždin (Croatia).


April: Vlado was invited to Yale University by professor Harvey Goldblatt of the Slavic Studies Department. He gave an exclusive Master's tea, performed a concert and poetry reading, and was given the honorary title of Quincy Porter Fellow.

POJEZIJE - book of poems comes out.

November: Touring with Slovene writers in Poland and Ukraine. Readings and concerts at universities in Lviv, Warsav and Kyev.


March: Vlado, in Milwaukee USA, acts in Theatre Gigante's presentation of the play, "Three Other Sisters". Short tour follows (New York, Washington, Cleveland)

October: CD "Drevored" comes out 2011 Summer: Vlado meets and tours with Irish singer Mary Coughlan.


October: A short tour in Slovenia with Theatre Gigante (from Milwaukee), performing the play Three Other Sisters.

November: Canadian publishing house, Guernica, brings out the book of poems of Vlado Kreslin – Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom. It is launched in Toronto and Montreal and followed by Vlado's short reading tour in Canada and US.
In Slovenia, Vlado brings out the book of music, photos and essays, Pesmarica.
Vlado appears with his poems and music on bookfairs in Leipzig, Budapest and Sarajevo.


A triple CD, Čarobnice, comes out. Vlado brings out a duet, Tisti bejli grm, with his 85 year old father, Milan Kreslin.


March: Short tour in India with the violin player, Sharat Srivastava.

October: A book written by American author Ruth Dupré -- Vlado Kreslin, Slovenia and Me-- comes out in Ljubljana. Ruth and Vlado perform a reading tour .

December: Short tour with Slovenian writers in Russia.


Donau Rock, Wiener Neustadt, July 2-3
- Martin Krpan
(Wolfgang Ambros, Elan, Udo Lindenberg, Leb i sol, Edda )


Stimmen über die Grenzen, Mistelbach, June 19
- Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda
(Broadlahn, Iva Bittova, Greetje Bijma, Gil Scott Heron )

Ajudem Bosnia, Barcelona, June 24
- Vlado Kreslin and Žiga Golob
(Orquestra Nacional de Cambra d'Andorra, Electrica Dharma, Lluis Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Alen Islamović, Dino Merlin, Pep Sala, Ai Ai Ai )


All different all equal, Strassbourg, July
- Vlado Kreslin and Mali bogovi

WOMEX, Brussels, October 19-22
- Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda
(Klezmatics, Kočani orkestar, NG La banda, Kevin Burke's open house, Balanescu Quartet, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown with Gate's Express, Njava)


In December Vlado was invited to the opening of the Music centre in Mostar which was sponsored by Pavarotti and War Child Organisation. Also invited were Pavarotti, Bono, Brian Eno, Zuchero, Bianca Jagger and some others.


Ethno Ambient Live, Zagreb, July 22
- Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda
(Allan Taylor, Lidija Bajuk, Dunja Knebl, Cinkuši, Legen)


Festival LENT'99, Veliki oder, Maribor, June 26
- Vlado Kreslin z : Beltinška banda, Canticum, Miha Dovžan, Postavkova dekleta, Istrski muzikanti

FOLKEST, Udine, July 2-25
- Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda
(Oysterband, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield, James taylor, Bill Wyman & the Rhythm Kings, Whisky Priests, Vladimir Denissenkov..)

47. International Summer Festival 99, Ljubljana, August 25
- Vlado Kreslin, Mali bogovi and Beltinška banda


Donauinsel, Wien, June 22
- Vlado Kreslin in Beltinška banda (Donovan, Hans Theessink, Arlo Guthrie..)

International folk festival Zagreb, July 25
- Vlado Kreslin

Bardentreffen, Nürnberg, July 28, 30
- Vlado Kreslin (Allan Taylor, Khaled, Taj Mahal..)

Ethno Ambient Live, Solina, Croatia, Aug. 1
- Vlado Kreslin

Kulcha Festival, Perth, Australia, Sept. 21. 22. 23.

Viktor Harbor Festival, Adelaide, Australia, Sept. 29, 30 (with Live Worldwide Internet Broadcast), Oct. 1, 2
- Vlado Kreslin and band


Festival Musica 2001, Brescia, June

Festival FOLKEST, Koper, July 27th


Jazzland, Vienna (with Hans Theessink), January

Frankfurt, Book fair (with Blixa Bargeld)


London, Book fair (with Allan de Botton)

Stvanice Island, Prague, Maj 1st

Leon Festival, Spain, June 27th, Vlado Kreslin and Mali bogovi

Špancirfest, Varaždin, September 4th, Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda


Sarajevska zima, Sarajevo, March 21st, Miljenko Jergović and Vlado Kreslin

5th European Jazz Festival
, Athens, Greece, June 3rd, Vlado Kreslin and Mali bogovi

Skopsko ljeto, Skopje, Macedonia, June 27th, Vlado Kreslin and Mali bogovi


Patras (Greece) - Cultural capital of Europe, September 30th, Vlado Kreslin and Mali bogovi


Canzone Popolare d’Autore (Italia) October - Lucilla Galeazzi,Mario Incudine Lino Straulino,Vlado Kreslin


July: Ceneto Guidi (Toscana), Festival Suoni nella notte


April: Stadtfest Wien (Austria), Tribute to Lou Reed (Chris Eckman, Steve Wynn, Ernst Molner, Eleni Mandel, ...)

Stadtfest Wien (Avstrija), Tribute to Lou Reed (Chris Eckman, Steve Wynn, Ernst Molner,Eleni Mandel..)

Cleveland, Chicago, Washington (USA), March

Master's Tea, Yale University, New Haven (USA), April

Festival Seizoen, Netherlands, August


Theatre Gigante, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) - THREE OTHER SISTERS – ( as actor and musician), March

Busboys and Poets CLUB, 2021 14th St, NW Washington DC (USA), New York, Cleveland, March

Centar Skenderija, Book fair SARAJEVO, April

Trakaj, Lithuania - Vlado Kreslin – University Vilnius, May

Wengen, Switzerland - Allan Taylor Birthday bash Concert , September

Pula - Sa(n)jam knjige, Book fair, December


Sarajevo – Book fair, May


Leipzig, Book fair, March

Budimpešta, Book fair, April

Dani pojezije, Book fair Sarajevo, May

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Millenium Stage), Washington DC, USA, November


Crossroads Festival, Sri Ram College of Commerce (New Delhi, India) - Vlado Kreslin in Sharat Srivastava, March

1986 Ljubezni Blanke Kolak (Jurjaševič) music
1987 Korak čez -TV film (Šmid), music Martin Krpan
1989 Nekdo drug (Vrhovec), acting
1994 Halgato (Mlakar) music, acting
1988 Poredušov Janoš, TV film (Tomašič) music - Kreslin, Šuklar
2005 Se zgodi, TV serial (Metod Pevec), music

Namesto koga roža cveti / Sonček je in ti si skuštrana
Vlado Kreslin / Zoran Predin
Lokvanj in Založba M&M, 1991


Besedila pesmi
Vlado Kreslin
Prevodi in kratek jezikovni vodič
Liedertexte.Übersetzung und kleiner Sprachführer
Texti musicali.Traduzione e guida allo studio.
Lyrics.Translation and learner's guide.
Založba Drava, Celovec in Založba Čarna, Ljubljana,1999


Pesmarica, Songbook.


Vriskanje in jok, Book of poems


Venci - Povest o Beltinški bandi, Book of poems


POJEZIJE, Book of poems


Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom - The Poems of Vlado Kreslin
translated by Urška Charney (Guernica Editions Inc.-Toronto, NY)

1988 Rocky Horror Picture show (O'Brien), as Riff Raff, ŠTUK Maribor in Cankarjev dom
1993 Jermanovo seme (Vezovišek), as himself, Drama SNG, Maribor
1996 Faust TV (Vezovišek), as Faust, Drama SNG, Maribor
2002 Woyzeck (E.Binder), music, Drama SNG, Ljubljana
2010 Three Other Sisters (Isabelle Kralj & Mark Anderson), Theatre Gigante, Milwaukee, Wiscounsin, USA (article, article)